Thickening Gap


The Missing Window


Dripping Out


Essence of Nowhere



Caving in to Disturbed Beauty is a work attempting to explore, create, and separate my own psychological space from the physical world. This transformation is made through applying a drawn understanding of space to a photographic one. Done with shadows and directing light to create the illusion of a three dimensional world on a two dimensional wall. 

Through the resulting eery and disorienting photographs the viewer is placed in a position of fascination and uncertainty, in so doing eliciting a feeling of guilty pleasure. That guilty pleasure relates directly to the psychological nature of the depicted spaces. That is, as a psychological world, they are inherently private, making viewership intrusive whether it's invited or not. In so doing, there becomes a victimization of the photographs, relating to the inherent fragility of a world made with light and paper. This vulnerability subsequently relates the images back to their core as simplified fragments of a dreamscape, an innermost nightmare being contained and viewed. 

Spaces that are uncomfortable in their fragility, an idea that’s quite disturbingly beautiful.

Excavation (Lucia Li sound credit) 


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