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I am a photographer whose work often employs other mediums and ways of working to create a piece involving abstraction, compositing and collage. My most recent work for example was a sculpture created from foam core, charcoal and photos to create a miniature spaces inside a chickenwire and plaster strip shell. Like my other work, this piece is about a conflation between a real space and a psychological space, an outside world and an inside world. This concept is something I feel very connected to personally, and something I use to understand how I see the world. With this way of viewing life I find that this struggle between reality and fiction is something very instrumental in my life, relating to how I grew up,  the reason I’ve always made art as well as my experience with dyslexia, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Through this experience of making art about myself I've found that there is a struggle in self reflecting that allows others to relate to my work. 


Sophie Cannon is an artist from Golden Colorado, who currently splits her time between Golden and Baltimore as an undergraduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Although she primarily studies photography and art history, she has expanded her use of medium, resulting in most of her work relying on and revolving around experimentation. Generally, her work is about her personal artistic growth, using her position as a student to push herself technically, conceptually and even psychologically. 

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